Friday, 17 September 2010

TALK TALK.......

Into Lechlade for the Tesco free bus. Bert (95 and a half) was in his usual place at the back so I joined him and we chatted nearly all the way there and back whilst Myra chatted to Audrey and Gloria. It is a friendly crowd that use the bus which is why we enjoy going even when we don't need much.
Returning to Buscot, we walked into the village, called in at the tea room where we sat in the garden with our cream tea. Very civilised and pleasant. We assisted the owner to put her broken washing machine into her car; the postman had disconnected it for her when he called to empty the box outside. You cannot beat the village life!
We stopped and chatted to John at the lock; the second owner of his old boat 'Popacatapetl' had brought it up to the lock a short while ago and John had driven it in. He said that it did feel strange, but it was not in as good a condition as when he had sold it - such is life. Before we knew it, it was time for supper. This boating malarkey does give one an appetite!