Sunday, 26 September 2010


The first lift bridge that we encountered after leaving the Thames was fitted with one of the new lockng devices which require a BW water-mate key to release. This done, the bridge is lifted up and pulled down again FROM THE TOWPATH SIDE! What an improvement for single handed boaters; it must have been a mistake by someone in an office somewhere.
We found a space at Thrupp, and had an enjoyable afternoon, evening and next morning in the company of cousin Jane and husband Justin. A lot of chatting took place and we will do it again sometime. We moved off after lunch and were surprised at how few boats were on the move.
One boat we did recognise: Mick was on his own and as we drew near her told us that Kate had died one month after he had retired in 2008, so sad. We will remember her as another one who was always smiling.
We stopped for the night above Dashwood lock and were treated to an amazing cloud display over the next hour, the heavy rain kept just missing us, but it was definitely all around.
Early start next day saw us through Banbury after a few coughs from the engine, whcih I suspect is caused by dirt or water in the diesel. It allows about three hours before it plays around again. We are carrying on and will clean it all out when we return to the Caldon canal.
The next morning was cloudless and clear, great boating weather and having done 18 locks and 21 miles we tied up at Flecknoe after appreciating the lovely surrounding countryside and a lovely sunset set off the day.
Sunday saw us stopping to chat to Karen on her boat at Barby straight and then to Mick and Crystal at Clifton before eventually tying up for the night at Hungerfield next to Brian Holmes in Tuesday's child. A brief chat and then it was time for supper.