Friday, 1 April 2011


Having arrived on the Macclesfield Canal we next stopped at Congleton Wharf. There is a good depth of water against the piled edge thus removing the need for acrobatic exit and entry.
The main excuse for visiting the town was to go to the Post office, which is sited at the opposite end of the place to the canal. There are a few good buildings and a pedestrianised main street. This enables one to wander along unencumbered by traffic or indeed by any interesting shops, with one exception, a bakers - the Bath buns are excellent!

The impressive Victorian Town Hall was designed by Edward William Godwin, who was the Architect also for the Shire Hall in Northampton. We returned to the boat through a small but beautifully formed park using up the site of two demolished buldings.

Our forward journey afloat was short as we moored up on the Biddulph Valley Aqueduct, which took it's name from the river flowing beneath, the Dane. This valley separates Congleton from Buglawton, which is probably a good thing; it gives also the residents of both somewhere to evacuate their dogs.