Friday, 8 October 2010


Because I have turned off the engine. We have arrived back at base on the Caldon and can try to relax a bit. The diesel problem has taken the edge off the return from the Thames as we just wanted to get back. Myra, so that she could get home and begin to make mince pies, puddings and cake for Christmas; myself, so that I could arrange a number of 20 litre drums to contain the diesel that I will drain from the boat tank in order to clean it. Can life get any better?
Well, another boating year has passed; highlights were the week that we spent moored in the boat museum at Ellesmere Port and of course the eight days in Albert Dock, Liverpool.
Pride of place is given to the crossing of the Mersey to Eastham and along the Manchester Ship Canal to the River Weaver; the weather could not have been better.
Thank you again, Ian Fletcher and Mike Carter for all your hard work and our safe crossing.
We enjoyed our eight weeks on the Thames, our alternative to the severely restricted and eventually closed Leeds and Liverpool canal owing to water shortages.

Myra and I have our land legs back and fully functioning, walking around our block we still stop and admire the beautiful countryside which is the Derbyshire Dales.
We may have a few days on the boat with engine trials, but no serious journeys until next year.
Thanks for taking the trouble to follow the blog and for your kind comments.
I hope to bore you to a standstill again next year.
Happy Christmas!